Pinelands Music Academy is one of the few music schools in the Greater Philadelphia Area to offer Mandolin lessons. If you would like to book a lesson, you can do so by clicking here, or continue reading for more information and recommendations for prospective Mandolin students.



Mandolin is an 8 string instrument commonly used in folk music. It is also frequently used in rock, alternative, and indie music to fill out the sound with it’s unique qualities. Our Mandolin teacher has put together a few FAQ’s and recommendations below:

What is a good starter Mandolin?

Rogue RM-100A


The Rogue RM-100A is a great entry-level mandolin for beginners. These are of exceptional quality for something as inexpensive as $50 from most major music retailers.


What is a good age to start playing Mandolin?

Though there is no age requirement our teachers would recommend to start mandolin anytime after 8 years of age.


Do I need anything else to play mandolin?

We would recommend buying some guitar picks and a clip-on head stock tuner. Capos are also very useful when playing Mandolin but not required.



Lessons are available for the following rates and times:

Single Half Hour Lesson: $30.00

*Monthly Half Hour Lessons: $108.00 ($27.00 / each lesson)

Single One Hour Lesson: $55.00

*Monthly One Hour Lessons: $200 ($50.00 / each lesson)

*Monthly Prices shown for standard 4 week month. For additional lessons add one lesson at discounted rate to total for 4 week month. For months where one less lesson occurs for any reason, subtract one lesson at discounted rate

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