Rock Band

The Pinelands Music Academy

Rock Band

Starting the first week of April, Pinelands Music Academy is happy to announce that we will be officially starting a new rock band ensemble. Many of our students are ready for an opportunity to play with their peers and develop their skills in a new setting.

Do you play:

  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Keyboard
  • Or Sing?

Then we’d be excited to hear that you have interest in joining our rock band.

Feel free to ask Mat Hause, Matt Norton, or anyone behind the counter for info about our plans for possible rehearsal times and your availability to participate.

Don’t play a rock instrument but want to start playing with fellow students in a group setting? Let us know. We’re always looking for more classes/ensembles that could be run to help all students become better musicians and more rounded individuals.

As always feel free to email us at

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