Pinelands Music Academy offers private one-on-one bass lessons on site at our location in Medford Lakes, NJ


The bass may be the most used instrument in all of music. Jazz, hip-hop, rock, pop, country, classical, and funk all have bass. Laying the foundation to the melodic and rhythmic integrity to any song, tune, or piece means that the bass always has something to play. The bass may be hard to hear at times but if it goes missing the song would sound less full.

Why bass instead of guitar?

Bass starts on a simpler field than guitar with single notes at a time being the focus for bass while guitar is more often playing multiple strings. This offers students a chance to focus more on rhythmic integrity and proper technique while playing. Bass can also be used in more musical situations so there could be a larger pool of music to pull from for learning material.

So is bass easier?

Bass may seem like it starts as an easier version of a guitar. In some cases that’s true, but eventually when playing the bass it’ll become just as, if not more complicated. This does offer the added benefit of being one of the most “mellow” and relaxing instruments to play in your spare time.

What genre is best for bass?

Any genre. Every style of music will have a bass track or basslines somewhere to let you play exactly what you want while learning this instrument.

Are my/my child’s hands too small to play bass?

The bass has a longer neck than a guitar but the good news is that basses can also be purchased in ½ and ¾ sizes to makes sure anyone can still play the instrument. Feel free to come in to Pinelands during our desk hours to find our the right size bass for you.  

What bass should I buy?

Ibanez is a great brand for budget basses. They also have a respectable short-scale bass for anyone worried that a full size may be too hard to start on. If you’re dedicated to playing bass and are willing to spend more money fender has two basses known as Precision and Jazz models that can be a great basses to hone your skills on.