Pinelands Music Academy offers private one-on-one strings (violin, viola, cello, bass) lessons on site at our location in Medford Lakes, NJ

Is my child old enough to play a stringed instrument?

Suzuki Method, a famous violin-related learning method, can begin as early as 3 years old. Does that mean your 3-year-old needs to start learning violin now? Of course not. But no age is too young to start an instrument that’s known for taking time to get used to.

Are strings difficult?

Learning a string instrument can be quite difficult. But that’s why when someone learning strings starts to develop a great sound, it can be one of the most gratifying feelings of all!

What stringed instrument is right for my child?

All stringed instruments are made in a variety of sizes, so anybody of any age can play the one that interests them most. Starting your child on Violin or Cello may be a safe bet, but plenty of individuals end up falling in love with the Viola or Double Bass. Taking the long view, there may be benefits in terms of scholarship opportunities for those who choose to play one of the latter instruments at the college level.

What exactly are the different stringed instruments?

“High Strings” include the Violin and slightly lower-pitched Viola. “Low Strings” include the Cello and Bass (aka Double Bass or Upright Bass). All four instruments have four strings and are played primarily with a bow, with the exception of the bass when in a jazz setting.