Stringed instruments are one of the oldest instruments to reach virtuastic levels. Because of this there’s more educational and performance related material than any other instrument family. This is great news for anyone ready to start learning one of the most challenging and rewarding instrument families in traditional western music.

Is my child old enough to play a stringed instrument?

Suzuki method, a famous violin related learning method, can start a child as early as 3. Am I suggesting your 3 year old needs to start violin that young? No, but no age is too young to start an instrument that will take plenty of time to grasp the basics of.

Are strings difficult?

Yes. This isn’t to discourage people not to play, but to remind everyone that we all struggle to play the hardest instrument family. When someone learning strings starts to develop a great sound it’s one of the most gratifying feelings in music.   

What stringed instrument is right for my child?

Specific instrument is all preference. All stringed instruments are made to smaller sizes so anyone of any age can play what they want. Starting your child on violin and cello is always a safe bet, but plenty of individuals end up falling in love with the viola or double bass. Not to mention, the second two can get you a scholarship due to their rarity at the collegiate level.

What exactly are the different stringed instruments?

Strings are separated into two groups: high strings and low strings. High strings have the violin and slightly lower viola. Low strings contain cello and the bass a.k.a. the double bass or upright bass. The bass is the lowest of the family. All four have four strings and are played primarily with a bow with the exception of the bass when used in a jazz setting.

How do I or my child start?

Come in to Pinelands during desk hours or book a lesson online with our strings teacher!

Lessons are available for the following rates and times:

Single Half Hour Lesson: $30.00

*Monthly Half Hour Lessons: $108.00 ($27.00 / each lesson)

Single One Hour Lesson: $55.00

*Monthly One Hour Lessons: $200 ($50.00 / each lesson)

*Monthly Prices shown for standard 4 week month. For additional lessons add one lesson at discounted rate to total for 4 week month. For months where one less lesson occurs for any reason, subtract one lesson at discounted rate

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