Ukulele has been growing exponentially in recent years as one of the most common instruments in most households. If you would like to book a lesson, you can do so my clicking here, or continue reading for more information and recommendations for prospective Ukulele students.


What is a good Ukulele to start with?

Mitchell MU40 Soprano Ukulele

Our Price: $49.99

The Mitchell MU40 is an excellent Ukulele for a prospective beginner at any age. These are quality instruments that all of our ukulele teachers have given a glowing recommendation as comfortable, well-intonated, and stylish. Pinelands Music Academy keeps these regularly in stock.


What is a good age to start Ukulele lessons?

Our guitar teachers often recommend students under the age of 8 start with Ukulele. Ukulele is an instrument ideal for young learners due to its size and minimal complexity. We recommend to start a child with ukulele lessons at 5 or older.


What are good songs to listen to if I want to get a better idea of ukulele?

Youtube ukulele covers of popular songs are always great. As far as a legitimate Ukulele player, our favorite example is Tiny Tim (Tip Toe Through the Tulips, Living in the Sunlight).



Lessons are available for the following rates and times:

Single Half Hour Lesson: $30.00

*Monthly Half Hour Lessons: $108.00 ($27.00 / each lesson)

Single One Hour Lesson: $55.00

*Monthly One Hour Lessons: $200 ($50.00 / each lesson)

*Monthly Prices shown for standard 4 week month. For additional lessons add one lesson at discounted rate to total for 4 week month. For months where one less lesson occurs for any reason, subtract one lesson at discounted rate

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