Pinelands Music Academy offers private one-on-one ukulele lessons on site at our location in Medford Lakes, NJ

What is a good age to start ukulele lessons?

Our guitar teachers sometimes recommend that students under the age of 8 try lessons on ukulele first. Ukulele is an instrument ideal for young learners due to its size and relative simplicity, and the technique and shapes are easily transferable to instruments like guitar later on. Most students are ready to dive into ukulele by age 5.

What is a good ukulele to start with?

The Mitchell MU40 is an excellent ukulele for a prospective beginner of any age. Pinelands Music Academy keeps these regularly in stock.

What songs or artists can I listen to in order to get a better understanding of the instrument?

YouTube is chock full of videos of people playing ukulele covers of popular songs, which is a good place to start. Our favorite example of a “legit” ukulele player is Tiny Tim (“TipToe Through the Tulips”, “Living in the Sunlight”)