Voice lessons are ideal for anyone – from child to adult and beginner to expert – to learn how to use the one instrument that is inherently part of the musician. If you would like to book a lesson click here, or continue reading for FAQs and recommendations around voice lessons at Pinelands Music Academy.


Can a voice lesson help me with a role in the school musical?

Yes! Each of our teachers has been through theater and musical programs from a young age and are familiar with most common repertoire featured in such productions. Whether you are looking for help nailing your big solo or just trying to get yourself ready for an audition, our teachers are ready to help!


Do I need anything other than myself for voice lessons?

Ideally, yes! It is recommended that the student have regular access to a piano or keyboard as well as a good notebook.


I always wanted to take singing lessons but I’m really shy, what should I do?

This is completely normal. If you can take the leap to give at least a trial lesson a shot, we’re confident that you will be comfortable at Pinelands! Each of our lesson rooms is private and our teachers are experts at giving advice on singing in front of other people.



Lessons are available for the following rates and times:

Single Half Hour Lesson: $30.00

*Monthly Half Hour Lessons: $108.00 ($27.00 / each lesson)

Single One Hour Lesson: $55.00

*Monthly One Hour Lessons: $200 ($50.00 / each lesson)

*Monthly Prices shown for standard 4 week month. For additional lessons add one lesson at discounted rate to total for 4 week month. For months where one less lesson occurs for any reason, subtract one lesson at discounted rate

More information coming soon!

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